Your life challenges can improve your strengths!

Negative Emotions Frequently Leave CluesI would like you to close your eyes and think of an experience affecting you. Do this step to get a sense of you is upsetting before you read any farther. You may experience a variety of emotions and I ask that you welcome them. Since they’re uncomfortable, do not push them away. Let them be current because emotions can teach something to us if we exist to them. Great, open your eyes and let’s talk about your problems.

You are among countless people on this earth. Are you mad Tony? Am I fortunate to have troubles? You’re lucky because your struggles contain the seeds of chances you have to discover. Challenges contain growth and we could never return to our old way of life once we overcome them. They help us expand our consciousness and recognize the possibilities. You experienced the emotions when I asked you to consider a problem that was present sooner? And you would be right to feel this way because. When the gap is bridged by you, it’s diminished and you have the ability to view your challenges. You’re not able to perceive your problem with that mindset because you have not gained the growth that is essential. It’s easy to see how our flaws are exposed by our struggles, but we need to consider it differently.

We could work through our challenges if we take the emotions which arise. By way of instance, I recall working with a girl. Every time she had difficulties in her life, she explains the situation consumed her and would call me. 1 day in a training session, I encouraged her struggles to be tackled by her without allowing frustration, fear and nervousness for the better of her. I asked her to welcome those feelings because they tried to teach her something precious. Formerly, because they did not feel great, she wanted to eliminate them. And I know she would feel this way, however, emotions can show us where we will need to direct our focus. Are you familiar with the notion we needn’t feel helpless and that emotions serve a purpose?

I counseled not and Jennifer to be conscious of her response push on away the emotions since they had been trying to teach her something important. Given she felt stressed and annoyed every time, meant the problem was significant to her. It requires changing our reaction so we stay calm rather than reacting to what is currently taking place. If you asked someone near you whether is an important problem, they may think. The reason it is reacted to by you is that you’re heavily invested in the outcome. I am not suggesting that this is detrimental, I’m implying by changing your answer to what it 23, you take your feelings. People today believe their flaws are exposed by problems. If we experience frustration, fear, and anger we may think we are incapable of beating the experience due to the negativity. But they are currently telling us the challenge is important to us we would not be experiencing them.

Can you do so? Would you give the gift of looking at your problems rather than staying mired in negativity to yourself? It is a matter of biting one bit at a time, chewing on it and digesting what you will need to. You aren’t intended to bridge the gap from problem otherwise you’d be a genius. Challenges and problems arise due to growth and the lessons needed for the journey of our life. They happen because the space between the problem and the solution is where advancement occurs. We can not rush the expansion any more than needing a rose would grow faster when planting the seed. It must be nurtured by us with sunlight and water soil. I’d like you to return to your problem. Write the emotions you’re having on the side of a sheet of journal or paper. Write what you consider is the contrary of that emotion. What’s the opposite of fear for you, By way of instance if you feel dread? Reflect on what these conditions are inviting you to understand As soon as you’ve gone through the list. Would you like to lead a life that is remarkable? Are you committed to taking action regardless of doubts and your fears?

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