Personal Growth Can Get Lonely but it’s worth it!

That means that it separates itself from the milk. We tell ourselves that it is lonely at the top. Yes, it is. I’m picturing some sort of luscious dessert all decadent and wonderful… like hot cocoa with the marshmallows stirred in rather than just floating on top. It’s a different lesson that comes into play once you’ve experienced a decent bit of enlightenment and growth.

Look. He travels along his journey and decides to change what he’s currently experiencing. So, as he moves through life, he makes a conscious effort to enlighten himself about how to make an abundant lifestyle. He accomplishes his targets and has a wonderful house, cars, cash to holiday with his wife and children. His kids won’t have to work so hard. He’s their school money stashed away right alongside his retirement fund. He is successful, abundant, and rich. What are the odds that with are still around? Not very good. Most people who experience the fulfillment of choosing to be successful in that area end up having to leave their friends behind. Family members will get upset and shun them too. He is treated like some sort of a bad person while his peers failed for having succeeded. Eventually, he has to find new friends and maybe even family.

It’s no different with enlightenment or becoming educated. The more emotionally healthy you become, the more spiritual, the more balanced, the more wealthy, the more global you become… the more lonely you may feel. We find ourselves not able to locate those other individuals who are choosing the path that is the same . The path of lazy and sloppy is full of different people to meet and speak to. The path of whiners is full of being boring, generic, and safe, The path is so crowded you can’t even move forward. Is not that this route? You had a need to move forward, a need to spread your arms wide, for some elbowroom, a need to be viewed as special. The masses may admire you, but they are not going to be able to really relate to you.

The best thing that’s happened to those of us is the net. The planet just got a great deal smaller and we can find our colleagues. The proportions of us versus them haven’t changed. We’re still in the minority, but we could find one another and encourage each other to hold strong. Knowing that there are others out there who are like us makes it much easier to hold our heads up high, throwback our shoulders, and say loud and clear,”I am what I am and I am not ashamed and I will not hide anymore.” This holds true whether you are standing up proud to be Gay, or a Christian, or New Age, or amassing wealth, or increasing your kids to be more than just disgruntled employees. When you become enlightened in some area, it is wonderful to learn that you’re not alone, and through the worldwide web, cheerleaders can be found by you.

Yes, I guess some could collect up their numbers and start wars and struggles over religions or whatever else, but I think we learn to appreciate the value of being on all paths, as we become more and more educated on all levels. We learn it is not important for many people to represent’mild’ and to try to outshine the’dark’. With no’dark’ the’light’ has nothing to glow into. Those whom we deem as’dark’ give us purpose. They give us a reason to shine our’light’ The act of war in and of itself is’dark’ and you have lost your’light’ . I’m not about to claim that I’m above such things that at that moment of aggression, my light does not shine.

I believe it’s the loneliness of growth that scares us into believing we have to convert everyone else. It’s an innocent zealousness over our newfound ideas and beliefs, but when people get focused on others, it is usually out of a need to feel better about the sheer numbers. Many of us use the statistical headcount of those who agree with us as evidence and validation that we have to be right? If you continue with your own personal growth, you will no longer need the arrangement of anyone else. We’re a social creature and as such will always hunger for connection. But we will not have to agree with one another so as to connect on a heart to heart level.

Don’t force others to agree with you. Give your heart and know that they are free to grow or not and that you’re growing. It is the game’s nature. We are free to choose our paths. In going so far as to kill someone for their belief, their view did not change, you weakened your own cause. Then we have to be able to allow others the privilege of being wrong if we are spiritual!

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